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Getting help with computer problems no longer means endless waiting on hold with a suppliers’ technical support or paying a fortune for someone to visit you at their convenience. We are a unique computer support service. Members enjoy a comprehensive and economical range of user-friendly computer support services that will ensure you are never stranded with a computer problem again.

Our Desktop Assistance is a team of highly skilled and qualified computer engineers who can attend your home or business to fix problems that cannot be solved over the phone. Our computer engineer will arrive armed with knowledge of your problem and the appropriate software tools to provide an exceptionally fast, well articulated solution to the problems at hand.

The computer engineer will make use of your call history and the advice of the support team to minimize the cost and disruption to you. Our computer engineers are trained to deliver solutions in friendly, accessible language and to help you avoid recurrent problems by advising you of preventative strategies.

When it comes to delivering the appropriate level of Support for your end-user and infrastructure devices, significant investment in resources, personnel and training is the order of the day. Add to that the fact that as technology advances, you continually need to reinvest capital to keep pace with your competitors. But without proper support, your business efficiency and employee productivity will certainly take a knock and you will increase the probability of extended downtime.

Outsource your IT helpdesk to VAS TECHNOLOGIES that supports customers with their questions and requests to help them configure, manage and use their IT systems effectively. VAS TECHNOLOGIES Help Desk Center offers a comprehensive range of contact center services that deliver custom-tailored solutions and highly personalized service.

As your business goes on full steam, really this is very difficult to bear downtime. Blue screen desktops, vanished data, crashed servers, crawling networks, all these elements are part of life, but can it make your business come to a standstill? Definitely not! VAS Technologies, leading IT Company Dubai offers AMC Support Dubai by giving you assurance that your business will continue at its pace.

Our long established and highly regarded hardware maintenance service delivers the guaranteed fix times that your users demand, minimizing downtime and protecting your investment in hardware. VAS Technologies, IT Company Dubai covers PCs, PC servers, printers and all manner of peripherals. Don’t be put off if you’re not a multinational! A large proportion of our maintenance business is with small or medium sized companies, some of which have been with us for over number of years. Everybody can expect the same high standard of service.

VAS TECHNOLOGIES are the specialists in part replacement & troubleshooting the PCs. We offer a reliable, efficient and professional hardware troubleshooting service for all makes of PC domestic and commercial. Either at your place or ours!! We carry a full range of parts in stock and operate from our own fully equipped workshops.

When the high street shops can’t get your machine to work and want to send it to “who knows where?” for “goodness knows how long” you know what to do. Or at least VAS TECHNOLOGIES know so get it to them pronto. For sensible and cost effective solutions to your personal computer problems contact the experts in VAS Technologies. From setup and installation, troubleshooting a multitude of software and hardware problems, repairing broken computer equipment…you name it, we do our best to help you with it.

Your computer is worthless if you can’t make it function. When you’ve tried everything, your work is backing up, and you’re ready to scream, call me instead. Fixing computers is my job.” VAS TECHNOLOGIES are responsible for installing, maintaining, hardware troubleshooting, computers and related equipment such as printers and scanners.