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  • Infrastructure for New Office

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES has good occurrence in providing IT services to companies which are in the process of setting new offices in UAE. We work closely with the interior design and fit out contractors to ensure the smooth opening of the new office.

    What we offer for new Office?

    Working with us client is always in ease mode because we ourselves coordinate with interior team and implement the project smoothly. Moreover, we do offer end to end ICT solutions so client does not have to look at all for another vendor for any other services.

    Our proposals typically include all following offers & details according to requirements of client.

    • Structured Cabling
    • Telephone System
    • Data Switching
    • Data Security
    • Office Security
    • Servers and PCs
    • Peripherals
    • Scope of work
    • Support Packages
    • Warranty
    • Maintenance
    • Project Management Fee
    • Liaison with Service Provider
    • Schedule of payments
    • Timeframes
    • Commitment
    • References
  • IP Telephony Solutions

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES Telecom Division provides Telecommunication solutions with the state-of-the Art products in the field of Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Control, Telecom Software. Representing the world leader in the field of communication Avaya & Nortel, VAS TECHNOLOGIES has the expertise skilled Engineers for Installation of IP Telephony System.

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES can provide the customers with the latest technology, and by adding the in-country services of integration capabilities, this add value to our valuable Customers. Our customer's base includes the major corporate, Major Contractors, Hospitalities, etc. In the Middle East and we are committed to provide the highest quality products and services to each of our customer.

    • IP Telephony
    • Multi branch connectivity
    • Voicemail System
    • Interactive Voice Response Systems
    • Call Monitoring System
    • Call Recording System
    • Contact Center Solutions
    • Text To Speech & Speech Recognition
    • Unified Messaging Solutions
    • CTI &Desk Top Applications
    • Auto Dialers
    • Professional Services -Consulting & Project Management

    Unified Communications solutions

    Unified Communications solutions (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony, e-mail, and fax. UC is not a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types VAS TECHNOLOGIES provides comprehensive range of email service solutions (e.g. Google Apps, MS Exchange/Outlook), Archiving solutions, IM solutions (e.g. BigAnt) and Fax solutions.

    Contact Center Solutions

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES has over 10 years of contact center experience. With a solid and proven methodology, VAS TECHNOLOGIES has worked to deliver contact center solutions that make business sense while integrating the latest leading industry products and technologies. Years of experience have enabled VAS TECHNOLOGIES to acquire in-depth expertise in implementing all the different modules and products that a contact center would need, from IVRs and voice self-services using speech recognition, text-to-speech, and VoiceXML, to workforce management, quality monitoring, recording, and reporting.

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES specialists have helped contact centers leverage intelligent routing, an approach that facilitates first call resolution. VAS TECHNOLOGIES also possesses know-how and a successful track record in implementing multisite, multimedia, and IP contact centers that leverage best-of-breed tools to maximize customer satisfaction and retention. Over the years, VAS TECHNOLOGIES has worked with a wide range of customers, such as utility companies, insurance firms, financial institutions, government agencies, telecommunications companies and call center outsourcers.

  • Web Designs

    Designs GUI for software applications, and websites with the focus on the user's experience and interaction. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing end user goals. GUI designs also skills and knowledge about the domain or industry. If software/ website which work fine are not making users more productive, then there's something wrong here lays the importance of GUI Design. Designers at Vas Technologies has previously work out in certain types of projects and have skills centered around their expertise, whether that be software design, user research, web design.

  • Security System (CCTV)

    On a happy note, it can be said that the world today is growing in leaps and bounds but unfortunately the threat to our individual concerns, be it to our facilities and firms or organizations has been growing at an alarming rate at the same time.

    So nowadays security has become an essential and mandatory requirement for all of us, no matter what level we are dealing with.

    We, at VAS TECHNOLOGIES deal with the security needs of our customers. We excel at security services such as CCTV surveillance, intercom, access control system, time and attendance systems, gate barriers, biometric readers, intrusion alarm systems etc.

    CCTV System

    CCTV System is an effective prevention technology, Video Surveillance (CCTV) utilizes the latest digital technology to Monitor access to secure areas, unauthorized activities, theft or criminal damage and personal safety or even provide a remote response to an intrusion.

    Access Control System

    From single store to chain of retails or the whole edifice Access Control Systems (ACS) is designed to control Access for Employees and visitors by utilizing multiple Technologies such as swipe cards, proximity cards, PIN entry keypads, and sophisticated biometric devices, security systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solutions for a single or multiple sites.

    Intruder Alarm & Panic Alarm System

    This system identifies genuine incidents of forced entry, unauthorized access or personal attack, which generates effective response if any of these occurrences happen.

    Attendance System

    Time Attendance System allows the company to manage, monitor employee entries, exits, breaks, absence and leaves. Time Attendance system enables to prepare a detail report of employees who are not holding up to your standards of employment.

    Anti Theft System

    We help retailers to reduce risks which impact their business in case of shrinkage. We offer Electronic Article System to prevent asset loss from shoplifting, theft, shrink and fraud.

  • Structured Cabling Solutions

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES cabling team has the certifications and experience to handle all communication devices and applications, such as voice, data, video, e-business and building management systems. Our core expertise in designing optimized intelligent cabling means that our solutions pay for themselves many times over their lifetime. This also eliminates the need of new cables every few years; careful planning can help avoid that. Planning is where VAS TECHNOLOGIES specializes; before we install a single cable on site we get to know our client, their cable infrastructure, and their network today and what they want it to look like tomorrow.

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES has over 25 professionals on staff divided into teams who can design and install sophisticated cabling solutions. Every project is overseen by a supervisor who will ensure that the installation is carried out as designed and is completed on time ensuring that vital changes are tracked and documented along the way thus adhering to the highest industry standards.

    Data Networking Solutions

    Data network provides communication background to all other network services. Data Network structures today include LAN, WAN, the Internet, intranets, extranets and value added networks demands on correct network design, increase with increasing demand for safety, access management, and adding new services like IP Telephony and Video-Conferencing. When designing a network, VAS TECHNOLOGIES takes into account the structure of the organization and the company processes, and approaches individual components, so that together they provide maximum service availability at optimal operation cost with adequate security level.

    VAS TECHNOLOGIES can design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Good network design must recognize the requirements for business and technical goals, including availability, resilience, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability. Whether you are looking to build a LAN/WAN, re-design your current LAN/WAN, or are considering ways to optimize your current LAN/WAN infrastructure, VAS TECHNOLOGIES can help.

    Wireless Solutions

    Enterprises are quickly realizing the advantages of a unified network for voice, video, and data applications. Concurrently, wireless mobility is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to increase productivity through access to network resources from any location. VAS TECHNOLOGIES do deliver secure, toll-quality performance for wireless voice, high capacity data, and bandwidth intensive video applications.

    Wireless networking is transforming the workplace environment by delivering previously unattainable, operational efficiencies. No longer just a conference room convenience, workplace mobility is now a strategic advantage for all lines of business including operations, administration, and other business and mission critical applications. ICT organizations now face a new set of challenges to meet the increasing demands of an expanding user base, Integrating telephony, high performance data, and video that support a myriad of new applications, while maintaining corporate governance and information security is essential for today's pervasive wireless networks.

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